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Ronald Charles Epstein Selected poems by Tim Bowling
rob mclennan Indigena Awry by Annharte
Lisa Sookraj Ghosts of Identity: The Obituary by Gail Scott
John Taylor Unities and Disunities of Raymond Queneau
James Edward Reid My Beloved Wager: Essays from a Writing Practice by Erin Moure
Kimberly Burwick Sumac's Red Arms by Karen Shklanka
Jennifer Boire Obituary of Light: The Sangan River Meditations by Susan Musgrave

Older Reviews

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author title reviewer review
Auster, Paul Collected Poems Lee, Monika link
Avison, Margaret Listening With Margaret Avison Scott Harris, Maureen link
Brand, Dionne A Map to the Door of No Return Harvor, Elisabeth link
Briante, Susan Pioneers in the Study of Motion Mclennan, Rob link
Brown, Ronnie States of Matter Zielinski, Margaret link
Butling, Pauline & Susan Rudy Poets Talk Lofranco, John link
Cogswell, Fred The Stunted Strong Skarstedt, Sonja link
Collis, Stephen Phyllis Webb and the Common Good: Poetry/Anarchy/Abstraction Lee, Monika link
Connolly, Kevin Drift Lee, Monika link
Cook, Geoffrey Postscript Cant, Ian link
Davey, Frank Back to the War Smith, E. Russell link
Deahl, James After the eclipse: Poetry Forever Burwick, Kimberly link
Dennis, Cooley Dennis Cooley's fictions: "love in a dry land" mclennan, rob link
Fletcher, Angus A New Theory for American Poetry McIntyre, T. link
Frost, Celestine A Yelp in the Ideal Skarstedt, Sonja link
Halfe, Louise Bernice Blue MarrowBurwick, Kimberly link
Harris, Claire She Berger, Maxianne link
Heaney, Seamus District and Circle Zisimatos, Helen link
Helwig, Maggie One Building in the Earth - New and Selected Higgins, Kevinlink
Higgins, Kevin The Boy with No Face Burwick, Kimberly link
Hummer, T. R. The Infinity Sessions Berger, Maxianne link
Leckie, Ross Gravity's Plumb Line Skarstedt, Sonja link
Lundy, Randy The Gift of the Hawk Skarstedt, Sonja link
Mayne, Seymour September Rain Skarstedt, Sonja A. link
McOrmond, Steven Primer on the hereafter Rotstein, Jason link
Moritz, A.F. Night Street Repairs Higgins, Kevin link
Moure, Erin Little Theatres Zisimatos, Helen link
Moure, Erin The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology McIntyre, T. link
Peabody, Richard Last of the Red Hot Magnetos Higgins, Kevin link
Rowley, Mari-Lou Viral Suite Grubisic, Katia link
Santateresa, Matt A Beggar's Loom Higgins, Kevin link
Sibum, Norm Girls and Handsome Dogs Rhenisch, Harold link
Sinclair, Sue Secrets of Weather and Hope Mackie, Jeffrey link
Smith, Jessica Organic Furniture Cellar Tucker, Aaron link
Søndergaard, Hav, Lyngsbø Three Danish Poets: Søndergaard, Hav, Lyngsbø Rhenisch, Harold link
Staples, Heidi Guess Can Gallop Sentes, Bryan link
Thammavongsa, Souvankham Small Arguments Paquette, Catherine link
Tysdal, Daniel Scott Predicting The Next Big Advertising Breakthrough Using A Potentially Dangerous MethodJohnston, Fred link 
Various Chapbooks Jennifer Boire link
Wheeler, Sue Slow-Moving Target Mackie, Jeffrey link
Wright, Carolyne Majestic Nights: Love Poems of Bengali Women Wright, Carolyne link
Zelazo, Suzanne Parlance Skarstedt, Sonja link
Zolf, Rachel Human Resources Mclennan, Rob link
Zwicky, JanThirty-seven small songs & Thirteen silences
Pronovost, Nita link

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