Vallum Award for Poetry



2016 Winners

1st place: "To my mother, aloud" by E. Canine McJabber
2nd place: "To a Young Man Seen Wearing a Bow Tie" by James McKee

Honourable mention: "Dietary Restriction" by Catriona Wright
Honourable mention: "blooming on my skin (a flor de piel)" by María José Giménez 
Honourable mention: "Her First First Nations Boyfriend" by Sue Reynolds
Honourable mention: "Joy" by Salvatore Difalco

The winning poems appear in Vallum 14:1 "Evolution."

Thank you to everyone who entered this year's contest –
there were so many wonderful poems to choose from!

And, thanks so much to Jeramy Dodds, the 2016 contest judge.


2015 Winners

1st place: "Girl Gives Birth to Thunder" by K.T. Billey
2nd place: "It Was a Golden Age of Monsters" by John Sibley Williams

Honourable mention: "Finding the Field with No Roads" by Grace Vermeer
Honourable mention: "Vicarious" by Joan Crate
Honourable mention: "The Outsider" by Maxence Yaelle
Honourable mention: "They Were There" by Alycia Pirmohamed

Winning poems appear in Vallum 13:1 "Open Call"

A huge thank you to Stephanie Bolster,
for judging this year's Vallum Award for Poetry!


2014 Winners

1st Place: "The Long Study" by Alexei Perry
2nd Place: "Last evening I stumbled" by Carla Barkman

Honourable Mention: "Apple to Apple" by Susan Hughson
Honourable Mention: "pass this note" by Domenico Capilongo

Winning poems appear in Vallum 12:1 "Surrender"

Also, a huge thank you to George Elliott Clarke,
for judging this year's Vallum Award for Poetry!


2013 Winners

1st Place: "Godzilla Versus Mothra" by Michael Prior
2nd Place: "Hawk" by John Pahl

Honourable Mention: "No Paradise Here" by Mary Ann Moore
Honourable Mention:"Summer" by Elana Wolff
Honourable Mention:"Dun" by Ulrike Narwani

Winning poems appeared in Vallum 11:1 "Thresholds"


2012 Winners

1st Place: "A Man of Plain, Common Understanding" by Emily Paskevics
2nd Place: "Ariadne's Thread" by Jim Johnstone

Honourable Mention: "Welcome Sign" by Denver Jermyn
Honourable Mention:"Her He" by Susan C. Evans
Honourable Mention:"The Swan" by Matthew Requa

Winning poems appear in Vallum 10:1 "Magic"


2011 Winners

First Place: "Telecommuting Spouses" by Peter Richardson
Second Place: “Veninum Lupinum” by Jack Miller

Honourable Mention: "Dark Matter" by Roxanna Bennett
Honourable Mention: "Tougher Than Leather" by Joseph Anderson
Honourable Mention: "Up Ahead" by Lucy Ricciardi

Winning poems appear in Vallum 9:1 "Pakistan."


2010 Winners

1st Prize: "My Father's Grief" by Pamela Porter
2nd Prize: "Displacement" by John Reibetanz
Honourary Mention: "Theory and Practice" by Susan Steudel


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