poetry by
bill bissett

deth  interrupts  th  dansing

we wer kayjun dansing  yu know  thats from
akadian  2 th great sounds uv  swamperella
great kayjun band  me n dr bill  n manee othr
kool  peopul  dansing  n ther   at th gladstone
hotel  qween west  rainee  oktobr  nite

it was getting  sew rocking  it was veree calm  th
dansrs n th band   sew great   playing 2gethr  n
keepin th fires goin   whn   just ovr ther   th man
who had bin smiling  at us  all nite  on his  back
on th floor   n smiling   angels wer all around
us  n th scent  uv deth

dr bill is on2 it  n th woman th man had  bin dansing
with  me n dr bill had bin dansing sew great 2gethr
with ths great band  n now th  spotlites  shining on
th smiling man  thumping his chest  ths dansr down
n cpr  n anothr doktor  in th hous  hovr ovr  n calling
911  n we get th door opn  evreewun is sew 2gethr
with ths  paramediks n guernee  cum in   th downd
man makes strange sounds  4 a whil  ther was no
puls   we all hovr  th band is silent  watching on

we ar all thinking  in sew manee ways  abt deth  how
it reelee sucks n evn if we can  accept it  how moving
it is  2 b  onlookrs 2  sumwuns transisyun  from heer
2 ther  wher is anee uv that   how short our lives ar
reelee   n deth can cum at anee time  espeshulee whn
wer not redee  our eyez ar wet  mouths silent   we hold 
th doors opn  th man who was dansing goez out in th
stretchr  rides off  peopuls vibes follo him  4 what 
evr he needs  th band cums 2gethr  no spot lites on

plays  off th stage  on th floor  slowr  mournful  kay
jun  fidduls  bass  drums  haunting  songs  carree
us thru  all ths   emergensee doktor  cums  back
sz  th downd dansr  is recouping  th band stays on
th floor  starts rockin  wer all  up dansing agen  sew
fine  deth didint  interrupt us  4 veree long  tho we kno
sumwher els it did  a lot  evn if its onlee a courrier


bill bissett    prformans n sound n politikul  poet  n paintr  shows at th pteros galleree  toronto  nu book   narrativ enigma/ rumours uv hurricane  talonbooks   n nu cd   rumours uv hurricane  red deer press   wanting 2 b alwayze xplooring

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