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Art by Marcelo Monreal - @marcelomonreal

Lies and duplicity on a grand scale have come to undermine social cohesion and worsen the current political climate, evinced by fake news, propaganda, and the widespread manipulation and distortion of facts. In this era of dishonesty and confusion, can poems be read as anything more than articulations of artifice? Does poetry use half-truth to create a more realistic world than the one we live in, or is it honesty embodied? Most urgently, can poetry be deployed to foster integrity, shelter those in need, guard without insulating - or is it simply another iteration of our duplicitous world?

The editors at Vallum are committed to enriching and continuing the tradition of poetry in the present day. We welcome submissions that deepen our understanding of what poetry is and can be. We encourage Indigenous writers, writers of colour, gender non-conforming writers, differently abled writers, LGBTQ writers, writers with mental or physical illnesses, and writers who are otherwise affected by structural inequality to submit their work for consideration.

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DEADLINE: June 15th, 2017


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